Change Log

Pre Release, Early Access & Full Release
2 18/07/2017
  • updated Island improvements. A new courtyard replaces the parade yard
  • updated Player functions: Character focus
  • new Props & Assets: Powerstation
  • new Props & Assets: Vehicle & mechanical parts
  • updated Feature update: Fine tuning placeable items
  • new Prologue atmosphere & VFX finalised
  • new New indicator system overview
1 04/07/2017
  • updated The new look warehouse building exterior with foliage and texture adjustments
  • updated Replacing old doors with new advanced door system
  • updated Continued configuring loot containers and pick ups
  • new Creating and adding world meshes for all loot items
  • new Adding individual loot tables on per loot container base
  • new Added new Enemy Attraction System to lootable containers and doors
  • new Amy 4k texture redesign, master material setup and eye gloss and reflection
  • updated Performance tweaking by configuring Object and Mesh culling volumes
  • updated Lighting management with enabled static lighting and reducing dynamic lighting
  • fixed Performance fixes by adjusting lighting and shadows from building and street lighting
  • new Player functions: character autofocus and controlled field of view zoom