Playable Character


Default base for our customisable female playable character. Amy is available to everyone from the start, she is a great all round character to play as and is very quick on her feet.

Statement: I miss Balto, my dog. I miss him so, so much. It sounds awful and… and just really fucking stupid, but it’s true. My parents are dead. My brother is dead. My friends, my teachers, my hockey team, my grandparents, my neighbours… but when I think about what I’ve left behind all I can think about is Balto, watching me run, through the living room window. Just watching, like he did every fucking day since I was 8, when I left for school in the morning. Waiting for me to come home. He was such a good boy. If he hadn’t have woken us up I’d be… They got into the house… he was barking and barking… I had to run, I couldn’t get back to him… so much chaos in the street, so much blood… I just ran and ran. And I lived. Because of Balto.

Playable Character


Default base for our customisable male playable character,  if you have been rewarded in unlocking Adrian, you will be able to select to play as him in the main game. Playing as a male character does have its perks but unlike the female character can not move as quick or jump to ledges.

Notes: Adrian is playable as a base character in the main game if you have unlocked him by backing us on Kickstarter

Playable Character


Second default base for our customisable female playable character,  if you have been rewarded in unlocking Sophia, you will be able to select to play as her in the main game.

Notes: Sophia is playable as a base character in the main game if you have unlocked her by backing us on Kickstarter

Twenty three year old Sophia, three time gold medalist for U.S. Swimming under twenty fives, hopes to be like her big brother and take part in the Olympics one day.

Non-Playable Character

Wanderer (Stage One)

“NB: All notes on the undead are taken from the journal of an anonymous, independent researcher. His work was discovered in the fishing town of Hanouton on Eden-Nadir.

This is the first stage of the freshly risen dead. If they look like this you know they haven’t been deceased for long and although they are bloodied, a bit nibbled and perhaps missing a limb here or there, they still look vaguely human.

Be wary. One or two may not seem too dangerous, but if you don’t take them out quickly they’ll call to their brethren, and before you know it you’re being torn to pieces by a pack of violent, screaming monsters.

Note: All of these creatures are affected by daylight. It seems to slow them down… I haven’t worked out why, but it means they’re faster and more dangerous at night.

Non-Playable Character

Wanderer (Stage Two)

“NB: All notes on the undead are taken from the journal of an anonymous, independent researcher. His work was discovered in the fishing town of Hanouton on Eden-Nadir.

This is the second stage of undeath. By the time a few weeks has passed it appears that all of the blood has leaked out from the body and this leaves them with a very pale complexion. It’s like whatever is infecting them is slowly mummifying them from the inside out. As a result of this they seem to be a lot more resistant to physical damage. Only a shot to the head seems to kill them, although I did see a group of people beat one to the ground, douse it with whisky and set it on fire. It spent a good few minutes trying to get up before finally collapsing. They were lucky to get it alone, Stage Twos tend to move as hordes. On the plus side the light doesn’t seem to affect them anymore and they are very slow moving, day or night

Non-Playable Character

Wanderer (Stage Three)

This is the final stage of the classic zombie mutation, a “STAGE III” so to speak. These desiccated shadows of human life are barely human at all. Their skin is a bloated, leathery brown thin substance, by this stage any wounds will be dried up and cracked. Over time, injury or rotten body parts may just fall off with the wandering corpse oblivious to the condition of what is left of the body.

At this stage, zombies generally start to show signs of decomposition. For example, you may see the flesh has started to come away from the bone & the skin also looks slightly bloated, the is due to the muscle and fat breaking down and starting to leak out of the skin.

The Stage III have normally been dead for a while and give off a pungent odor, this is normally the first signs they are close by.

Non-Playable Character


Known as the “Bleeder” for its appearance, this one is different from the wanderers. It does not seem to walk around, it drags itself around until it gets close enough to its prey and then it sprints on all fours and pounces for the kill.

We have not seen too many “Bleeders” around luckily, but they seem to be quite solitary and dont move around in groups.

Just like the later stages of the standard undead they seem quite fragile and do not really take that much to kill, it’s their speed that makes it hard to hit with firearms and I would not suggest letting them get too close.

Non-Playable Character

The Gula

We are updating the Gula’s profile / backstory

Non-Playable Character


These creatures are a nasty piece of work, hunched over like an old man, but not to be taken lightly. They prey on everything even their own undead cousins… With their razor sharp claws they can gut a human with a single blow.

One thing we have noticed with the Kreeper is you don’t hear them coming and only seem to come out at night. The only thing to look out for is their glowing eyes.

The Kreeper has only been spotted when we have been out looting after sundown, in areas well away from the cities and wandering hordes. We have not managed to kill one that we know of yet, they seem to disappear once fired on and do not seem to pursue.

Non-Playable Character

The Siren

Meet “The Siren” a beautiful former human woman that came to her demise in a most horrific way, not by being bitten or killed by the virus, much worse… These beautiful women met their end with a violent death by the hand of man not the undead.

Much like a tormented spirit they wonder the living realm drawing in passers by with their beauty & voice… but it will not end beautiful!

Siren’s are very rarely seen out in the open or wandering around. Found in more remote parts of the island in the woodlands and seem to take shelter in old hunting cabins or caves.

The Siren’s song sweet to the ear and has a trance like effect on men more than woman but most just want to see the beauty for themselves… this is a mistake. The Siren draws in its prey and waits before attacking at the last minute. There is something more supernatural to this mutated being, further research needs to be carried out.