Your choice of protagonist will determine your path in the world of the wandering dead.

Each one of the four protagonists you can choose from is used as a base character for you to build upon.
They each have their own unique skillsets from their lives before the world fell apart, it’s up to you to develop them into the saviour we all need.


Amy is the default female character and is available to everyone from the start. She is a great all round character to play as and is very quick on her feet.

Admission Psychological Interview Statement: “What do I miss? Well… I miss Balto, my dog. I miss him so, so much. It sounds awful and… and just really fucking stupid, but it’s true. My parents are dead. My brother is dead. My friends, my teachers, my hockey team, my grandparents, my neighbours… but when I think about what I’ve left behind all I can think about is Balto, watching me run, through the living room window. Just watching, like he did every fucking day since I was 8, when I left for school in the morning. Waiting for me to come home. He was such a good boy. If he hadn’t have woken us up I’d be… They got into the house… he was barking and barking… I had to run, I couldn’t get back to him… so much chaos in the street, so much blood… I just ran and ran. And I lived. Because of Balto.”

Playable Character


Adrian is a playable character and will be available in the main game. He’s Sophia’s big brother and an ex Olympic swimmer and as a result has high level of energy and a great immune system.

Admission Psychological Interview Statement: “This is bullshit. I’m sorry, but really? What do I MISS? I just spent the last three weeks living in the woods with my kid sister, eating canned beans and shitting in a hole while trying to avoid being eaten by walking corpses. I had to kill my Aunt AND my girlfriend, although they were technically already dead, I watched my hometown burn to the ground and you want to know what I MISS?! OK, fine. Fried chicken. How’s that? Mmmmm, that tasty crispy batter really got my fucking juices flowing. Happy? I don’t need psychological help, I need answers. Why are we here? You said you were taking us to a safe place and we’re in a fucking prison. A PRISON. You’ve run your tests and asked your dumbass questions, I’m not saying another fucking word until you tell me why we’re here.”

Playable Character


Sophia is a playable character and will be available in the main game. She is Adrian’s little sister, is a three time gold medalist swimmer for the U.S. Swimming under 25s and had hoped to someday compete in the Olympics like her big brother. Her small size means she can be extra stealthy.

Admission Psychological Interview Statement: “Oh! I… I’m not sure… I guess just… just everything being OK. Everything was OK before, just me and Adrian and Aunt Gwen. But it’ll be OK again, right? I mean, it can’t stay like this forever. And you guys are on it, right? You’re like the government people aren’t you? Have you found a cure yet? I just want to go home.”

Playable Character


Trystan is a playable character and will be available in the main game. He was a middleweight boxing champion and pretty much lived at the gym, but he’s no meathead. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy.

Admission Psychological Interview Statement: “Why do you want to know what I miss? You trying to get inside my head? See what makes me tick? Nope. Not happening. You know, when your men showed up promising a safe haven, I knew it was too good to be true. What are we really doing here? It’s because we’re different, right? Because we survived when the folk around us didn’t? I’ll bet you anything that’s what this is. Tell me something. When everything went to shit, how is it that an outbreak occurred in EVERY capital city simultaneously? That’s no coincidence. Then EXACTLY six months later you people show up? I’ve been around long enough to recognise the smell of bullshit when it blows through my front door. Fuck y’all.”

All notes on the wandering dead are taken from the journal of an anonymous, independent researcher. His work was discovered in the fishing town of Hanouton on Eden-Nadir.

“As far as we can tell from information shared with the world by Dr. Ludlow before his disappearance, there are at least three different strains of the Cordyceps/illness hybrids. He disclosed that he had crossed the fungus with strains of flu, the HIV virus and cancerous cells and it’s apparent from the wide range of mutations we are now seeing that each strain has birthed its own unique kind of monster. I have tried to document my observations of them here as best I can. It is also worth noting that these… things… seem to be affected by daylight. It appears to slow them down. I haven’t worked out why yet, but it almost rules out travelling at night as they’re faster and more dangerous in the dark.”


On initial inspection the wanderers all have very similar traits, but I have noticed that there seem to be three distinct variations. I’m putting this down to the strength of the strain and the length of time the corpse has been wandering.

Stage One: This is the first stage of the freshly risen dead. If they look like this you know they haven’t been deceased for long and although they are bloodied, a bit nibbled and perhaps missing a limb here or there, they still look vaguely human.

Stage Two: By the time a few weeks has passed it appears that most of the liquid has leaked out from the body and this leaves them with a very pale complexion. It’s as if the fungus is slowly mummifying them from the inside out.

Stage Three: You tend to smell these ones before you see them. At this stage the wanderers have become quite crusty and oozy. They generally start to show signs of extreme decomposition and bits occasionally drop off. I’d place this stage at about 2 months. It’s interesting because it implies that, although the infection has strong self-preserving properties, it can’t sustain itself forever.


These guys are in a class of their own for a reason. We rarely see them but when you meet one you know about it. They seem less… dead, as if they retained an aspect of their humanity somehow. Don’t let that fool you though, here are individual summaries of the ones I’ve encountered so far.

Reaker: The first of the HIV-Variants is the Reaker. I’ve never actually met one myself but a friend of mine runs the Tormented Prince comic store in Marburgh and said that they had one wander in to town. They had to take it out long distance with rifles because the smell was so bad people were passing out. If you catch wind of one coming, my suggestion is get moving in the opposite direction ASAP.

Siren: Don’t let the Sirens lure you in. Their external beauty hides an ugly interior and it will be the last thing you ever do. Their song gives you… urges. I’m not sure what effect they have on women but for me… it lured me in with its song and pounced at the last minute. If I hadn’t been wearing armour it would have taken a chunk out of my neck.

Gula: This repulsive looking thing, crashed through a door in the old church up north and scared the living daylights out of me. I managed to get away from him and I’ve not seen one since then