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To submit your application to become an Official Partner please fill in the form below. All applicants are welcome. The development team will select a number of partners from everyone who applies.

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Thanks to our official server provider GTX Gaming, we are able to offer our partners exclusive private dedicated servers, allowing you to broadcast and record in private, inviting only players you want to play with. In addition to the top-end dedicated boxes, we can also give you access to mod installation (when available) and server set up, to enable and disable features how you see fit.

Want to run give-aways in your community for exclusive JoE Content? We have you covered! Official Partners will receive digital copies of “Jaws of Extinction”, DLC’s and exclusive skin packs for weapons, clothing items and vehicles. Partners will be able to generate product keys for game content direct from our website.

We will make you known as partners! Whether it’s an NPC wearing your merchandise, a poster on a wall or a flyer on a streetlight, it will be known by players that you are an official partner and if they want to follow JoE, they should follow you too.

Release unreleased updates to your community first! As an official partner, you will have access to the Partners Area on our website where we will upload screenshots, videos and information exclusive to partners to release to your community.

What is an official partner?

As an official partner you become a member of our team and will have access to exclusive early information and updates. You can share this with your community as you see fit, on social media, Discord, Youtube, Twitch or your chosen platform of choice.

Why become an official partner?

Becoming an official partner of Jaws of Extinction is free and will grant you access to some amazing commodities, such as dedicated servers, give-away material for your community, in-game and website promotion of your brand/channel/community and exclusive updates which you can download and use in videos, social media and more.

What is asked of our partners?

As an official partner, we will ask you to adhere to the following:

  • Promote Jaws of Extinction on your social media platforms.
  • Add an official partner/sponsor badge to videos/streams released to your community.
  • Share links to all Jaws of Extinction social platforms and information sources.
  • Regularly cover Jaws of Extinction in your content creation.
  • Be a participating member of our social media communities (primarily Discord, Twitter and Facebook)