Private Alpha September Release

Dear Community,

We recently announced that we would be delaying the release of Private Alpha until later in the month of September. This delay was to give us time to focus on elements which required our attention and to strengthen the build of our first release.

Overall we feel this delay was a necessary and worthwhile endeavour as we have made significant progress in various areas.

We have released a short video which depicts our progress here:

Despite our continued advancements, we feel that we have underestimated the scale of some of these issues. Our primary concern is that of performance. We are conscious that, at current, the majority of our players will not have an enjoyable experience due to optimisation challenges.   

As a consequence of these optimisation challenges, not all of our development goals have been met. It saddens us to say that in light of the above we feel it is necessary to delay for a further two months. We understand this may frustrate many of you who have been following our progress for some time, however we would rather provide a realistic timeframe to avoid any other delays.

Going forward, we hope that these issues will be resolved before the predicted time and we thank you for your patience.

The KYE team.


Firstly, we’d like to say a huge thank you for supporting Jaws of Extinction! Due to your encouragement and backing, we’re able to make the survival game we’ve all been waiting for. We hope you enjoy your sneak-peak into the world of Eden-Nadir.

JoE Private Alpha – Getting your copy

Those who backed JoE on Kickstarter will receive their Private Alpha code through private messaging on the platform.

If you have supported us by pre-ordering the ‘Survivor Edition’ or above, you will receive an email linked to your PayPal/Stripe account containing your Steam Key.

What to expect

The development of JoE has come a long way – systems have been created from the ground up and many have evolved over time. If you have played the Jaws of Extinction Prototype, you will notice some features have been developed further, and new ones have been added altogether.

Here’s what’s completely new in the Alpha:

  • Access to the main map of Eden-Nadir
  • Third Person / First Person with firearm views.
  • Dynamic Weather
  • Dynamic Day & Night cycle
  • Wildlife NPC’s with AI and behaviours
  • Swimming
  • Ladder Systems
  • Dynamic Seasons

The main systems within the Prototype that have been improved are:

  • Enemy AI (Version 2.0)
  • Firearms System (Version 2.0)
  • Looting System (Version 2.0)
  • Player Interactions
  • Player Skills
  • Player UI (Version 6.0)

Why Private Alpha is important to us

We decided to release Private Alpha as it allows us to show you the current state of development within the game, as well as the overall direction. This stage also gives us the opportunity to introduce and test out new mechanics.

We’d love to hear your feedback – feel free to join our discord community.

If you encounter any bugs, we’d really appreciate if you could let us know via our online bug tracker:

Once you have confirmed your free account and logged in, to report an issue click on “Report Issue” from the main menu, this will allow you to report the issue and attach screenshots. Please add your build specs to the “Additional Information” field on all reports.

If you would prefer you can report any problems you are having or bugs you come across in the #feedback room on our official Discord.

Thank you again for your support!