What is JoE

About Eden-Nadir & the world of Jaws of Extinction

The human race is in the Jaws of Extinction!

What will YOU do to ensure it’s survival?

What is JoE? Jaws of Extinction is an open world sandbox survival game, both single player and multiplayer, and you have been thrown into biting range!

With all the elements of popular survival games your objective is to find a place to call home, gear up by looting, scavenging and crafting and ultimately survive.

Jaws of Extinction has a story driven side that you can choose to embark on with friends and people you meet within the game. Following where the story leaves of from a single player tutorial that you also have a choice to play you will be taken along the journey of finding what happened in Eden-Nadir, meeting people that have lived there their whole life and taking on tasks they offer you, for a small price of course!


How does Eden-Nadir see you! Are you the savour of the human race or its downfall!


What are you willing to do to survive! Can you make choices when they need to be made!


Will you build a safe haven for survivors or are you in it for yourself!


Swing a bat or looking down a sight, will you grow with your skills…. Choose who you are going to be!



First time in JoE? Play the only single player part to our open-world, sandbox survival game. Grasp the story before entering the multiplayer world and learn the basics of how to survive on Eden-Nadir



Due to the large number of military personnel on the island, bagging yourself some real firepower is not going to be a problem, as long as you can take down trained, armed men!



Eden-Nadir is not a small place, so getting from A to B is not going to be so easy on foot. Completing the odd task to gain access to a set of car keys or making a deal with the local dealer should make things easier.



Building a place to call home from resources you can find lying about is not your only option for security. Many of the island’s population have either already packed up and left, or are a bit too dead to care, so why not take advantage and fortify a pre-built building?