Jaws of Extinction is a single player and/or multiplayer, open-world sandbox, zombie survival game and you have been thrown within biting range!

Featuring all the popular elements of the survival genre, your objective is to find a place to call home, gear up by looting, scavenging and crafting and ultimately survive.

Jaws of Extinction has a story driven side that you can choose to embark on, either alone, or with friends and people you meet within the game. Following where the story leaves off from the optional single player tutorial, you must investigate and explore to uncover the secrets concealed within the island of Eden-Nadir and fight to hold humanity back from the jaws of extinction.

Prologue Gallery: The images displayed above are from the upcoming Jaws of Extinction: Prologue that will be free to download on steam soon. For more on the Jaws of Extinction Demo visit here.


Here at KYE Creations we have a team of some of the most talented professionals in their fields, who are dedicated to perfecting each and every aspect of Jaws of Extinction. From handcrafted environments and landscapes to rich in depth and compelling story telling, from custom made props, weapons, vehicles and detailed player building pieces to beautiful bespoke music, we strive daily to make JoE the survival game the genre has been begging for since it began.


We talk to our community on a daily basis, either on social media or over on our official Discord server, everyone is welcome to come and join.

We post to social media every day, taking the odd weekend off, from screenshots of scenery around Eden-Nadir to Works In Progress assets and game features.


Explore a beautiful, atmospheric, hand sculpted world. From busy towns and outposts to scenic, sun-dappled woodlands and misty, haunting marshlands. Crafted using pure imagination.

The open-world of Eden-Nadir covers a 66.95Km2 (41.6 Mile2) area of woodlands, fields, marshlands, towns, villages and cities. This is all open for exploration and a potential place to set up camp and call home.

Eden-Nadir is a fictional island handcrafted and designed by the JoE development team, one thing you will notice is the attention to detail. We believe that the more realistic and believable the world is the more immersive for players to place themselves in the game and experience true survival at the end of the world as we know it.


Everything you do will have an effect on your character, affecting your relationships and standing with NPC groups and increasing a wide range of skills using an intelligent, intuitive upgrade system.


How does Eden-Nadir see you? Are you the saviour of the human race or its downfall?


Will you build a safe haven for survivors or are you in it for yourself!


What are you willing to do to survive? Can you make tough decisions when the heat is on?


Will you be swinging a bat or looking down a scope? Your character will grow according to the skills you use. Choose who you are going to be!


Join the battle for survival of the inhabitants of the island of Eden-Nadir. Experience the immersive story in single, coop or multiplayer mode

Explore the hand sculpted world designed from pure imagination of beautiful woodlands to stunning marsh lands. Thriving with multiple breeds of wildlife, interactive NPCs and hostile enemy.

Our dedicated story artist “Joe Fyfe Hardy” is developing an immersive original story that can be followed by a single player or a server of 30+ players. The way this will work has not been done to our knowledge and can lead in many different ways with multiple possibilities.


Choose how you carve your path by scavenging resources and using them to craft, upgrade and customise a vast plethora of ranged and melee weapons, armour and vehicles.

Building a place to call home from resources you can find lying about is not your only option for security. Many of the island’s population have either already packed up and left, or are a bit too dead to care, so why not take advantage and fortify a pre-built building?


Eden-Nadir is not a small place, so getting from A to B is not going to be so easy on foot. Completing the odd task to gain access to a set of car keys or making a deal with the local dealer should make things easier. With a large range of vehicle types, from ATV, Boats & Choppers to armoured transport and horseback.


Trying to get a UI to suit our style of game and not to be too bland or too busy was not an easy task. Whilst researching survival, RPG and adventure games we decided to go down a completely different route to any of them game on the market. The path we have taken with the inventory system of our UI was inspired by popular survival board games like Dead of Winter and Zombicide.

You can check out these great survival board game Dead of Winter and Zombicide on BoardGameGeek.
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Surviving the end of the world is all about going back to primitive times, so training your character to your playing style is how you will progress in Jaws of Extinctions sandbox survival open world. Build skills that will help you become a true survivor in a world that has no remorse and that requires you to use what you have available to you including wildlife and natural resources.


Making a virtual world feel alive, all depends on what lives in it. Like open-world games such as Red Dead Redemption, Farcry & The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, they immersed you in the world with the level of detail and the wildlife. Jaws of Extinction has a huge range of wild & domesticated animals that you can hunt or tame, but will also defend their territory.


Mutated by a genetically engineered cure for the human condition, the beasts that roam the once heavily populated lands of Eden-Nadir are no walk in the park. We have tried to be as creative as possible when creating the wandering dead in Jaws of Extinction, with influences from horror movies, graphic novels and pure imagination, to bring you a completely new experience and a new spin on the over-saturated zombie sandbox survival genre.


Due to the large number of military personnel on the island, bagging yourself some real firepower is not going to be a problem, as long as you can take down trained, armed men! Remember to have your wits about you, as the wandering dead are not the only enemy walking around.